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1 1/2" Needlepoint Belt Finishing

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Send us your needlepoint strip and we'll make it into a belt for you!  These are really beautiful works of art.  We finish your needlepoint with a leather backing, leather ends and solid brass or stainless buckle.   We use clear thread so that the stitches don't take away from your design.  Nice!! 

Choose from English Bridle Leather Colors in third picture clockwise: Black, Sunset (Chocolate), Chestnut (Oxblood), Medium Brown, or Strap (Tan)


Note: Your needle point needs to be no more than 7" less than the finished size you desire... example: 34" belt requires at least 27" of needlepoint.  Leave 2" at each end of your needlepoint in plain stitching so that no important design is lost when finishing.

Width: We can make the belts 1 1/4" or 1 1/2"... your needle point should allow for 2 rows on the top and bottom to be turned under.