• Ideal for: Leather with a high gloss appearance; Acrylic, Vinyl Coated, and Patent Leather that has a glossy appearance
  • Safe for all colors, including white leather
  • Not recommended for Suede or NuBuck leather (use our NuBuck and Suede Spray instead)

Product Description

Pecard Leather Care Lotion is a wax-free water-based formula that cleans, conditions, preserves, and leaves a protective water resistant finish on all non-glossy smooth, textured-smooth and vinyl coated leathers. This product is ideal for coated leather because it penetrates the surface coating to condition the leather underneath and leaves leather soft and supple. It is also the product of choice for newer natural tanned leather items, offering superior protection where little or no color change is desired. The lotion is best used where a shiny surface is not necessary. Safe for all colors, including white leather. Do not use on Suede or NuBuck (use our NuBuck and Suede Spray instead)


Use a soft, cotton cloth or sponge to place a small amount of lotion as evenly as possible over the leather’s surface. This lotion provides a very fast application time without changing the color or texture of leather and leaves a protective coating on the leather fibers. After about five to ten minutes or when dry, gently buff the leather surface with a dry soft cloth.

The oils in the lotion coat the fibers, allowing them to slough off water and move against each other freely without chafing and binding. The coating also prevents bonding by dirt and dust. You will need to reapply every three to four months, depending on the conditions in which the leather is used.