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Needlepoint Belt Finishing - Order from Belt Catalog Page
We can finish your needlepoint belts!  If you are a needlepoint store, please contact us for wholesale prices.

Belt Length:  Your needlepoint needs to be 6-7" shorter than your finished belt size... for example, if you need a 38" belt (to fit 36 waist pants) your needle point needs to be 31 to 32" leaving 1 1/2" of plain stitching or stitching you don't mind covering up some of, on each end of your needlepoint design  (included in your finished length) so that no important designs will be lost when finishing the belt with the leather ends.

Thread:  We use clear nylon thread for the top so the stitches don't take away from your work and we match the thread to the leather for the bottom.

Buckles: Our buckles are solid brass which is gold in color or solid brass with silver plating for a silver buckle.  We use a round buckle... or you can send us your own buckle.

Belt Width: We can make your belts 1 1/4" or 1 1/2"...   Unless you have a binding stitch on each side, note that 2 rows on each side will be turned under to finish the belt... so when your making your belt you'll need to give us 2 rows on each side to turn under.  For an 1 1/4" wide belt, you'll need 1 1/4" plus 4 rows (2 on top and 2 on bottom for turning under and finishing.... we can work with 1 extra row on top and bottom but 2 are better)

Leather: Choose from 5 English Bridle Leather Colors... Black, Chocolate, Medium Brown, Oxblood or Tan

Cost:  $129.00;... you can order from our belt catalog page or send us an email and we'll be glad to answer any question and assist you with your order.

Key Chains:  Send us your needlepoint and we can make a keychain out of it!  Typically the needlepoint needs to be atleast 8" to get a keychain out of it.  Please allow for the leather portion of the key fob by leaving some space at top and bottom of design that you don't mind having covered with leather.... also, add 1-2 rows on the sides for turning under.  We can work with you on the length.  We can also make flat keychains from a shorter piece of needlepoint $45

We can make your keychain flat or bent depending upon the length of your needlepoint.

Belt & Keychain Colors:  We offer five English Bridle Leather Colors for you to choose from when we finish your belt. Black, Sunset (Chocolate), Chestnut (Oxblood), Medium Brown & Strap (Tan) shown in this order clockwise.

Dog Collars- $70  Please measure your dog's neck and give us the measurement that you'd like your collar to fit comfortably around.  We'll need an inch or so on each end to put the leather on so understand that some of the needlepoint will be covered up by leather and plan your needlepoint design accordingly.



Order any of these services from our "Belt" Catalog Page... see page 3

Wallets!  Your canvas needs to be 9 1/4" x 3 3/8".  The inside is made of an assortment of premium leathers such as Pig Skin, Kid Skin and English Bridle leathers.  6 card slots and a bill slot.  $100

Sun glasses bands... we use "Chums Neoprene" ends.  $50

Coasters...$19 each

luggage tags... $40

Apple Watch bands.. $90

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