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Return Policy

Return Policy

Applies to Leather Goods Only (Non-Needlepoint Items)

Please take a moment to check the fit of your item and make sure the engraving and/or color matches your original order.  If there are any errors you may simply return the item in a clean, unused condition (please notify us first), and we will replace it.  If the mistake was ours, there will be no additional charge to you. 

Returns will not be accepted on items that have been worn/used or return to us with damage from use.

Items must be returned within 2 weeks of ship date.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact us by email ( or phone (724-845-8072) and we will do our best to correct any problems.

When ordering belts for gifts, take care to get a good measurement of the person or of their old belt (see belt sizing).  If you are unsure of the size, don't guess!  This doesn't usually work well.  We do offer gift certificates if you are unable to get a good size.

Please remember that most of our items are custom made per your order.  Please take care to order correct size, color and style.  Custom items aren't returnabe in most cases.