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English & Western Saddle Repairs
We can repair your saddle from the tree up!

...We rebuilt this saddle from the tree up... it was warn out and the customer wanted a whole new saddle... see all the pix in our photo album.

We can repair just about anything that you need repaired. English or Western, new fleece, horns, billets, girths, all tack... you name it... we've fixed or replaced it. Just send us an email or give us a call for more information. We can make arrangements to have your saddle shipped to us, repaired and shipped back.

We rebuilt the saddle to the far right from the tree up! It is a completely new saddle. Check out all the pix in our photo album.

..... new fleece... genuine or imitation... no problem. Give us a call!

Totally rebuilt the stirrups on this saddle... rawhide and all. Nice!

New Hornes... no problem!

Need a new seat on your English Saddle... Give me a call!