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Pecard Leather Care > Saddle Dressing 6 oz.
Saddle Dressing 6 oz.

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Pecard Saddle Dressing is a perfect blend of natural ingredients that keeps leather supple but strong and beautiful.

Pecard Saddle Dressing repels water, snow and dew.

Pecard Saddle Dressing prevents hardening and cracking and it resists most acids.

Pecard Saddle Dressing removes most stains and allows leather to breathe.

Pecard Saddle Dressing is the perfect condition for leather saddles, shoes, boots, sports equipment, harnesses, and all leather goods.

Pecard Saddle Dressing is made in the USA.

Directions: To use Pecard Saddle Dressing, have leather clean and dry. Rub in Pecard Saddle Dressing well with a soft cloth in a circular motion working in the conditioner into the fibers especially at the seams and the welt. Continue to do this to the entire article. Let it dry at room temperature. When dry, remove any excess and buff with a soft cloth to the desired shine.